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Hukuk Quo Vadis – Where is law going?

Law is just like air. One may not notice it during its presence, but its absence might cause a lot of pain. Law came up to protect the weaks and the minorities. Today it still continues to show this side of its as protecting them against the strong ones.

Law is such a fact that everyone might need it somehow. Let me ask you a question… What is the most common language that is used in the World… Almost everyone would answer as “English”. But the right answer is; law. Really, think about it for a second. With globalization, people, properties and services are circulating so easily that the need for a predictable manner increased. We can undertand each other with English. But what brings us to a common place is law.

Therefore we will need law more and more, it will be more important. I wish everyone to live in a more fair and legal World, to breathe the law at its purest and not to live with its absence.

Att. at Law Mehmet Çağrı Bağatur (PhD)

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