Education Law for Individuals with Special Needs


As Bağatur Law Office, we are also a step ahead in the area of social sensitivity. We are here for you, should you require support in the field of educational law for children with special needs.

We all hope for a trouble-free school life for our children, and for them not to face failures in lessons and behavioural issues. It’s true, our children are our most valuable possession. All our efforts are for them to be brought up well, study at successful schools, get into university and have a job. However, we may face issues which we haven’t before, especially when our child reaches school age; therefore we may become parents going back and forth between children’s mental health doctors, pedagogues and educators due to diagnoses such as lack of attention or distractibility, hyperactivity issues, various learning disorders, dyslexia, occasional superior intelligence, occasional difficulties in emotional adaptation, depression, etc. However, what is necessary to be done is not limited to these. As continuing without providing the required educational support to the child and without benefiting from some resources particular to the issue which may enable the child to pull through the issue easier, in an environment where the expectations relating to the child are high, will unfortunately be of no good other than making the situation harder. As a result, the families suffer, the schools and teachers get distressed and the children are left in deep waters. Their educational life and life at school is hindered, thus the problems keep snowballing.

For years, we have been developing and continuing our efforts for contributing to public awareness regarding special educational rights for children with special needs, and accordingly, for informing individuals and families not aware of the rights and opportunities. Until now, we have worked with the Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People, non-governmental organisations and the Ministry of Education. We have joined the “Strengthening of Special Education Project” which is a EU project of the Ministry of Education as experts, and prepared “Issues, Conclusions and Suggestions regarding the Strengthening of Special Education Project, International Contracts, Principles, Standards and Turkish Special Education Regulations” under the title of “regulations and strategic plan”.

In 2014, we prepared project reports for the Ministry of Family within the scope of “The Support Project for The Implementation and Following of The United Nations’ Contract Regarding Disability Rights in Turkey”.

A child does not need to be “changed” for them to adapt to a system. As a whole, the school system is of a structure capable of making changes to meet the individual needs of all students, therefore this should be the object. No child can be prevented from receiving an education according to the principle of equal opportunity, as the child’s best interest requires this in all circumstances.

When providing equal opportunities in education which is one of the most basic rights of a child, as required, the duty of lawyers and legists as well as doctors and educators to illuminate, protect and take precautions should not be ignored. We believe “protective law” implementations should be considered and become more widespread just like “protective medicine” implementations.