Innovative Projects


We support investors of creative, technology and software based, suitable to the new economy and innovative projects which will pave the way for Turkey. We have started working on new ideas which have just sticked in mind. Please explore which is one of the successful and commercial projects we are supporting as Bağatur Law Firm.; is a innovative internet solution which ensures the client, seller and personnel checking accounts and BA and BS agreements to be made on the internet and finally which benefits from technological developments. It contributes to the paperless office and natural environment.

We have planned the legal process and agreement, comparison engine and applicance to the e-mail of as Bağatur Law Firm. Taking part in this solution which contributes to the paperless office and supports the natural environment is really important to us.

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Derindere Motorlu Araçlar

World is changing… In this passing process, a greener World is possible with electric car technology.

DMA, which plans from the beginning to produce the “first” %100 electric car of Turkey in global scale, is contributing important developments to the electric car industry to be created, developed and growed in our country with its high technology.

As Bağatur Law Firm, we have been prepared the whole legal substructure to make that Project happen, and we are continuing to develop it. In an area where everyone is newly having an idea about, we are living the joy of making our works come to life and developing them. Also we are proud to take part in such a eco-friendly and innovative project.

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