Large Debt Collection


We are substantially experienced and successful at recovering debts, particularly large debts, which are nowadays harder to acquire with changing laws. Our speciality which places us one step ahead is that we generate solutions suitable for the situation and take correct measures without posing a risk. We place emphasis on recovering owed debts, rather than rendering recovering owed money as the focus.

We aim to provide a “Win – win approach” with conciliation. We make this possible with recovery prior to enforcement. At times we represent the creditor and at times we represent the debtor. With our experience regarding how the debtor behaves in certain circumstances, we are able to successfully make collections.

When faced with leading indicators, we wish for you to assign the work to us from the very beginning. Therefore, we recommend you establish an early warning system. What do we do in such situations?

·      Prior to commencing the enforcement procedure, we immediately get together with the debtor and analyse the situation; then we guarantee your debts and following them throughout the debt liquidation agreement (sometimes a year).

·      If we set a fixed redemption date, we project the fee to be paid to us within this time as it is. This approach is significantly advantageous both for the creditor and the debtor.

·      If our efforts to recover the debts without sources of credit being cut, particularly by the banks, come to a successful conclusion when not resorted to enforcement,  then everybody leaves happy.

·      Whereas, in cases where the debt is not paid, the opportunity to recover the entirety of the debt in a short amount of time arises as we rank first. We have recovered a substantial amount of debt for many creditors with this approach, and we continue to do so.